The Case Is Only As Good As The Evidence

If you have been arrested on a drunk driving charge, then you likely know that the field sobriety testing methods in North Carolina are challenging, even to those who have never drunk any alcohol in their lives. Many of the tasks requested require quick cognitive skills, astute balance and precision that is difficult under the anxious circumstances of a sobriety test.

There are many reasons why a sober driver might fail the test, including:

  • Various injuries
  • Disabilities
  • Overweight
  • Age
  • Weather conditions
  • Vertigo
  • Below average balance or motor skills
  • Medication
  • Low blood pressure
  • Ear infections
  • Lack of sleep
  • Confusion about the test
  • Uneven ground or poorly lit location

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Your performance on a field sobriety test forms basic evidence that an officer will use in your case, along with the reason for your traffic stop, the result of a portable breath test, general observation and the result of any breath test. In any arrest, the case is only as good as the evidence. We will examine the evidence and give you our best advice on how to proceed.

At Hester & Tucker, PLLC Attorneys at Law, we have more than 35 years of experience in Rocky Mount and the surrounding area. Joseph M. Hester, Jr. is one of the most experienced DWI lawyers in the region. He is specially trained in field sobriety testing and the administration of breath tests and he will examine police tactics in your arrest.

Mr. Hester has helped clients declare their innocence and defend their rights on all manner of DWI and DUI cases from first-time accusations to repeat offenders or those accused of driving under the influence of drugs. As a former assistant district attorney, he understands the inner workings of the court and knows how and when to negotiate to try to obtain the best possible result in your case.

Let Two Former Prosecutors Defend You

Our bilingual, community-focused firm combines the experience of two former prosecutors to make sure that your rights are protected in any DWI/DUI case, Breathalyzer refusal or traffic violation.

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