Your Rights, Your Record And Your Reputation

Drunk driving in North Carolina is a serious allegation, whether it’s your first offense or a repeat charge. Penalties include loss or suspension of your driver’s license, costly fees and fines, and even jail time. Besides the legal cost, a DWI or DUI charge can negatively affect your personal life. It may damage your ability to get the job you want, to receive a professional license or promotion or, if you have a commercial driver’s license, lose your job.

With such a high cost, it’s important that you explore your options and do everything you can to minimize the impact on your life. At Hester & Tucker, PLLC Attorneys at Law, we are experienced trial lawyers with over 35 years of experience. Both of our attorneys, Joseph M. Hester, Jr. and Damian L. Tucker, are former prosecutors. As seasoned negotiators with extensive courtroom experience, they know and understand North Carolina courts.

Our Certification Sets Us Apart

No two cases are the same.

Mr. Hester and Mr. Tucker are skilled lawyers who can help with a variety of DWI/DUI charges, whether it is a first time or repeat offense, or a misdemeanor or felony charge. Mr. Hester is recognized as one of the most experienced DWI attorneys in the Rocky Mount metropolitan area with certification on the use of breath test machines and field sobriety testing.

Drunk driving defense includes a thorough investigation of your case. We represent all DWI/DUI cases, including underage consumption and driving under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs.

In many cases a limited driving privilege is available.

Putting Our Experience To Work For You

There are many law firms that handle driving while impaired cases in North Carolina, so please compare our qualifications to the others. Then call our office at 252-231-2362 for a free, no-risk consultation or send us a message online to request further information. Se habla español.